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Action Learning: The End of Overpriced Management Consulting

Action Learning: The End of Overpriced Management Consulting

By Annette Bihnmyer


Say “goodbye” to overpriced management consulting projects. Say hello to Action Learning.

If your company is looking for help in developing a mergers and acquisitions plan, a five-year strategic plan, or managing succession, many high-profile, high-priced consulting firms will gladly step in and provide their expert consulting services… starting at around $500,000 and often charging closer to $1,000, 000. That is a considerable investment in outsiders telling you how to fix your business. But what if you could spend less than one-quarter of that, maybe even one-tenth, and get better results? What if, instead of outsiders, you have people who know your business?

With Action Learning, a leading-edge development program for high-potential employees, your team enhances your organizational effectiveness by using the innate talent they already have to get results. Facilitated by external consultants, but executed by your own future executives, the Action Learning process starts with a kick-off session with your executives in which a real-world, significant business issue is identified. A Hi-Po work group is formed, strategies are discussed, and action is taken. With guidance, your future leaders learn teamwork, project-management skills, and decision making, and they develop the emotional intelligence required of 21st century executives. Oh, and they solve your problem, too.

In collaborating on real business solutions, Action Learning participants gain a deep understanding of operations and processes across your entire organization in a way that no cross-functional training effort could hope to accomplish, and they obtain face time with their senior executive sponsors, further enhancing their visibility within the company. Most importantly, they discover and develop their own leadership styles, as well as the confidence that comes from producing tangible results.

The benefits to the organization are two-fold: Not only have you identified and trained your future senior executives and built up your leadership pipeline, you have resolved a genuine threat to your competitive standing, all for a small fraction of the expense associated with conventional talent-development engagements. Think $100k instead of $1 million. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said you could achieve better results for a truly small fraction of the cost.

At Caliper, we have over 50 years of experience helping our clients develop their top performers and future leaders, a process we have continually refined and expanded over the decades. Today we are industry leaders in Action Learning, and our Organizational Development Consultants are highly specialized in facilitating successful and effective engagements. Just because strategic planning and succession management involve big decisions, you shouldn’t have to spend big. With Action Learning, the affordable—and better—alternative to overpriced consulting, this one decision is actually pretty easy.

Annette Bihnmyer

Annette Bihnmyer has been an Account Manager at Caliper for over 11 years. She works with clients to elevate their employees’ drive for results, leadership skills, strategic thinking, communication, business planning, tactical execution, project management and collaboration.