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Corporate Culture – Focus Groups

Focus Groups allow specific questions to be answered and issues to be focused on—without influences or agendas affecting the results.

The Focus Group methodology allows Caliper to gather facts and information in an objective manner within an organization. Data is reported in aggregate to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and there is no fear of retribution for giving honest answers and opinions. Focus Groups are conducted as a means to an end, not an end in-and-of themselves. They can be used to determine engagement or satisfaction, to assess reasons for turnover, and to drive job analysis.

The very act of participants sharing answers creates synergies that stimulate deeper-level conversations and ideas that result in greater creativity.  In addition, management gains the trust and confidence of their workforce by providing a way for them to express their ideas and concerns honestly.

Through our facilitated discussions with Focus Groups, hidden or overlooked information is often discovered due to the confidentiality of the interviews. The process produces focused and meaningful information that can be used for addressing corporate culture concerns and making strategic decisions.

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“Before we used Caliper it was very hit or miss. But now that we have a scientific approach, we have seen our turnover decrease by over 50%.”

Kevin Obarski, Director of Sales, TransPerfect Translations


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