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Corporate Culture – Executive Coaching

An individualized learning process that builds a person’s ability to achieve personal and professional goals.

Caliper’s Executive Coaching is a powerful process that supports change and goal attainment by helping people understand their individual management styles, how well those styles are working for them and what they can do to be more effective within the company’s culture.

The process of coaching is a cycle that includes an assessment of the situation, planning a course of action, feedback, coaching sessions, and the measurement of progress. Since the purpose of coaching is to facilitate behavioral change, the best way to assess the effectiveness of Executive Coaching is the results of the Personal Development Plan. This plan will contain specific behavioral changes as goals and provide dates by which these new approaches should be implemented and working.

Succeeding, now more than ever, is about identifying, developing and retaining top performers. And Executive Coaching is the surest way to nurture the potential leadership of your organization. When all is said and done, that alone is your competitive advantage.

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“We have been working with Caliper in a coaching capacity and the feedback that our employees have gotten from Caliper has proven to be an eye-opening experience.”

Karen Mitchell, HR Manager, Behringer Harvard


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