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Corporate Culture – Succession Management

What happens when an executive leaves your company? Who will replace that person? Will you have to hire from the outside? And how long will it take that person to get up to speed?

Executive leadership is continually changing. The competencies required for success become increasingly complex; cross-functional experience is necessary; and strategic thinking skills and emotional intelligence are demanded.

The time to plan and prepare for critical future personnel needs is now—before you find yourself in a desperate situation. There are key positions in any organization that, when left unfilled, will cause chaos—problems won’t get solved and decisions won’t get made. By identifying successors for critical positions and developing today’s talent into tomorrow’s leaders, you will increase organizational readiness and be prepared for whatever changes at the helm come your way.

In addition, when you proactively develop talent internally, you get increased workforce productivity, improved employee morale and engagement, and expedited goal achievement.

Why partner with Caliper for Succession Management?

When working with Caliper to create a Succession Management plan, you have the option of integrating our assessments and processes into your current Talent Management System—or we can create a new Leadership Development/Succession Management process for your organization. Our reputation for excellence, assessment tools, and consultative expertise are well established and have stood the test of time.

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“Our Caliper consultants acted as our partners in providing structure and focus to help us accomplish our goals. Together, we created a program that has already resulted in an internal appointment to the executive leadership team.”

Dave Lawson, VP of Human Resources, Franciscan Health System


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