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Corporate Culture – Talent Assessment and Alignment Systems

Your company’s continued success in outperforming the competition depends on identifying the people in your organization who have the greatest potential to grow into future leadership roles.

In order to boost organizational performance and create an environment that will attract and retain talent, it is fundamental to build the learning capacity of each person in the organization. The best first step is to understand every employee’s unique strengths, motivators and potential derailers.  This powerful awareness can help everyone in the organization adopt attitudes and engage in behaviors that bring sustained success.

Caliper’s Talent Assessment and Alignment Systems help you assess the capabilities of your current staff, gauge the needs of your organization, and fill in the gaps between the two. You will learn how to determine who possesses the skills and competencies your company needs to secure a successful future.

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“Our Caliper consultants acted as our partners in providing structure and focus to help us accomplish our goals. Together we created a program that has already resulted in internal appointments to the executive leadership team.”

Dave Lawson, Vice President Human Resources, Franciscan Health Systems


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