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Pre-Employment Assessments

Our pre-employment assessments show how someone will perform in the job before you bring them on board.

You will learn what qualities are needed for success with your company, how to determine if someone has them and how to hire right the first time. Our consultants can help you with everything from evaluating your most promising applicants to redesigning your current hiring process.  We can help you get the most out of every interview, match the right people to the right jobs and hire more people like your best performers.

The depth of our approach begins with our objective, accurate assessment instruments, which provide data for measuring potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations, likely behaviors, and job-related progress.

Let us help you start making more informed, confident hiring decisions today.


Plus, now through July 31st we are offering a FREE Interview Guide with the purchase of your first Caliper Assessment. Call us at 609.524.1400 or complete this form for more information:


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Pre-Employment Assessments

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