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Pre-Employment Assessments – Interview Guides

Our Structured Interview Guides help you get more relevant and valuable information out of every interview.

We understand how time pressures, lean staffing, and multiple priorities make it difficult for managers to formulate a rigorous interviewing strategy. And, when you add to that the extensive resources available to help candidates prepare for interviews,  identifying the best person for the job becomes increasingly difficult. This is where our Structured Interview Guides come into play.

After executing a thorough analysis of the role, we help you maximize your interview effectiveness by developing a series of structured questions and a set of behavioral criteria for assessing candidates’ responses. Each question is designed as part of a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s potential for high performance as well as how likely he or she is to assimilate into and thrive within your company’s culture. This structured approach allows interviewers to gather specific details about candidates’ relevant work experiences while avoiding the standard interview questions for which many candidates have prepared responses.

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“Before we used Caliper, it was very hit or miss, but now we have a scientific approach. Because of that, we have seen our turnover decrease by over 50%.” 

Kevin Obarski, Director of Sales, TransPerfect Translations


Caliper Interview Guide

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