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Pre-Employment Assessments – Job Analysis

We will work with you to thoroughly analyze a given role and clearly define it in terms of performance expectations, critical tasks, and required competency areas.

Whether you have a brand-new position you need to fill or you need to update an old job description to reflect industry and cultural changes, a thorough, accurate understanding of what success in that role looks like is a necessity. Caliper’s consultants know exactly how to gain a detailed understanding of what the job entails through the use of interviews and focus groups.

Our analytic approach improves hiring practices by isolating Key Result Areas for each position, establishing more relevant performance criteria, advancing strategic effectiveness throughout the organization, and helping identify high-potential employees at the beginning of their career. While a job analysis is often completed to facilitate the candidate screening process, it can certainly be leveraged in professional development, as well.

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“We’ve used Caliper for many years. We started using it for sales and it was so successful that we now use it for all our employees.” 

Patti Sutton, Director of HR, Propel Insurance


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