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Talent Development – Caliper Profile

The results of the Caliper Profile can be used throughout an employee’s entire life cycle with your company—for everything from improving workplace performance to creating effective teams to developing leadership skills.

This scientific instrument for in-depth personality assessment and job matching has been validated by nearly a half-century of research and measures over twenty-five personality traits that relate to job performance.

Our consultants analyze those traits in a variety of combinations to advise you on: hiring someone new; improving employee performance; developing employees’ talents; building more effective teams; and creating the corporate culture you want.

It can be taken online or in paper format, and it provides clear, objective information on an individual’s strengths, limitations, motivations and potential. Since it was first developed, the Profile has undergone continuous refinement, and ranks today as one of the most advanced tools for matching personality to job performance.

The Caliper Profile is part of a process of gathering information about an individual’s natural strengths, motivators, and potential to succeed in a particular role. Other factors to be considered in any important personnel decision include: impressions conveyed in interviews, a review of past performance, and referrals from former supervisors. Your Caliper consultant will work with you to help you determine appropriate direction and how to best serve your hiring and development needs.

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“We started using Caliper for hiring, but as we saw the value we began to engage them for other activities, like leadership development and competency modeling. We see our partnership with Caliper as an integral part of our success.”

Marc Mackin, President, Lapp Group


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