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Talent Development – Caliper Three Sixty

With the Caliper Three Sixty¬†you get a comprehensive view of an individual’s job performance, strengths, and developmental needs as well as suggestions for future growth—so you can improve¬†the accuracy and effectiveness of performance appraisals.

The Three Sixty combines an individual’s Caliper Profile results with performance feedback from a variety of sources, including the employee’s managers, peers, direct reports and internal customers. The report you receive also includes the individual’s Caliper Profile results, giving additional insight into the employee’s potential.

In addition, feedback can include a consultation with a trained Caliper consultant to provide an in-depth understanding of the report results. The Caliper Three Sixty enables you to identify high-potentials and top performers, as well as maximize the productivity of your management and leadership workforce.

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“We use the Caliper Three Sixty tool to survey and assess all of our managers. What we like about the program is that it allows a person to understand why they are receiving the feedback they are getting in the Three Sixty from different raters. With the Caliper Three Sixty, they can relate the rating back to their Caliper assessment and it provides awareness.”

Elaine Angelo, OD Manager, DeCrescente Distributing


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