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Talent Development – Coaching

Our customized coaching takes into account each individual’s specific needs, inherent strengths, and personal style so they are extremely effective in helping people reach their full potential.

Caliper consultants work with individuals to identify and then strengthen effective workplace behaviors. During these one-on-one coaching sessions employees uncover areas that are holding them back and work with their coaches to create development plans that focus on using their strengths to overcome obstacles and improve individual and team performance. All of this leads to enhanced bottom-line results for your organization.

Companies that invest in coaching have more motivated and productive employees who not only connect with their own internal motivators and unique talents, but also feel more connected to the organization itself.

Caliper provides the following types of coaching:

  • Executive Coaching
  • High-Potential Development Coaching
  • New Manager Coaching (transition to supervising people)
  • Coaching for Improved Business Performance

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“Coming into this organization, Caliper was my coach and partner, for me personally.  The Caliper consultants have been people that I can call to question a thought or perception, they partnered with me to help the organization become all it can be. Caliper without question is our partner.”

Joyce McPhetres, VP of HR, Central Maine Medical Center


Caliper Consulting Services

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