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Talent Development – OnBoarding

Employees who are coached at the beginning stages of a new role will contribute more to the team and reach peak potential sooner.

Caliper’s onboarding solution is a cost-effective method for quickly getting your new employees engaged with their managers and colleagues. Essentially, it’s like giving your new employees a six-month head start. An Account Consultant provides each new hire with specific insights to help them work more effectively, understand their manager’s work style, and create measurable action plans to give them a road map for success. 

Ultimately, employees will feel more engaged when they realize that you are willing to invest time and money in their personal development during their first weeks in their new role, and this can have a direct, positive impact on employee satisfaction and your bottom line.

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“There has to be someone who can help them make sense of it all, because there is just too much coming at them too fast. New employees need a solid understanding of how they can best contribute to their new environment.”

Helen Slaven, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer, WellStar Health System


The Importance of Personal Onboarding

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