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Talent Development – Team Analysis/Talent Audit

It used to be enough for companies to concentrate on simply hiring the best people for each position—but that’s no longer sufficient. Now, the most successful companies are those that can create a sense of shared purpose among team members.

Caliper’s Talent Audit and Team Analysis give you insight into what drives a group and identifies where that group may flourish or struggle. When you have a better understanding of your team’s chemistry and can identify the key personality attributes that each individual brings to the team, you can create more open and honest conversations and build road maps for your high-potential employees. Ultimately, your team will be able to handle conflict better, become more engaged with your company, and produce the results with the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Using the data from Caliper Profile results to select and hire the best person for the role is only the beginning of how you can capitalize on the value of this information. Conducting a Talent Audit gives you significantly more return on your investment through diagnostic charts and summaries that show you—at one glance—the issues affecting your team and opportunities for improvement.

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“The big organizational contribution that Caliper has made is helping us identify our strengths and weaknesses as a team. With that information, we built training programs to make us more effective.”

Brandon Raasch, Director of HR, West Marine Products


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