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Talent Development – Women Leaders

When working with Caliper to develop Women Leaders, companies not only provide individuals the opportunity and tools to make their roles more meaningful and effective, but also identify high-potential talent necessary for future success.

Drawing on Caliper’s research into the unique attributes, behaviors and challenges that women leaders face in today’s business environment, we will tailor a solution to ensure that your organization highlights and supports the ongoing development of this important segment of your employee population.

The unique personality qualities of women combine to create a leadership profile that is very conducive to today’s diverse  workplace, where information is shared freely, collaboration is vital and teamwork distinguishes the best companies.

Our approach to developing women leaders targets key success factors for women and enables you to advance your diversity goals in a meaningful way. Through our assessments, training and coaching, we ensure that new skills are fully integrated.

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“The female view that we strengthen ourselves by strengthening others is redefining leadership.”

Jeannette Lichner, former Managing Director, Bank of America


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