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Caliper Client Testimonials

One of the better profiling tools that I have come across. We will make use of the data to provide management training and restructuring.

Ong Tiong Soon, Chief Executive Officer, Genting Energy Group

The team profile analysis is very powerful and gives a good picture of where our team can go! The teambuilding workshop was perfectly tailored for us.

Francois Bes de Berc, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Transitions Optical

The verbal feedback was very clear and helped me to work through the whole Profile easily. I felt very comfortable and not intimidated as I thought I would be.

Paul Kam, Group Managing Director, D’Jungle People Sdn Bhd

The Caliper Consultant was very professional and precise in giving direct emphasis on my areas of strength and exercising potential improvements during the verbal feedback.

Kriscarel Leong, General Manager, New Toyo International Holdings Ltd

Overall I found the Caliper Profile experience to be good and surprisingly insightful to many of my behaviors within a work environment.

Nick Tarantino, V.P. Global Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, Hoya Surgical Optics

The Caliper Consultant was very helpful, and did not rush me to provide answers, allowing me to speak my mind and air my opinion. She also gave me ample assurance of the purpose of the feedback. Overall, the Caliper Profile experience was a pleasant one, allowing me to reaffirm what I suspected of myself, and also to know more of aspects that I am not quite aware. It is also heartening to be able to reconcile some apparent paradoxes that I initially perceived.

Cheah Sin Moh, Deputy Director, School of Chemical & Life Sciences, Singapore Polytechnic

It has been a great experience and I am glad to have had this opportunity. There’s a lot that I’m taking away from this Caliper workshop!

Bhawna Gulati, HR Advisor, Franklin Templeton Capital Holdings

Initially, I had reservations about how the Caliper Profile could assess my personal characteristics accurately purely based on a questionnaire. But, after the phone discussion session with the Caliper Consultant, I really agreed with the assessment and analytical report on myself. Self-awareness is important for me to work towards making behavioural improvements.

Wong Kam Yee, Quality Assurance Manager, Paper Base Converting Sdn Bhd

The Caliper Consultant I spoke to was very experienced and assertive. It was a very fruitful conversation that gave me powerful insight about things I have to work on in order to improve my effectiveness.

Rosa Chung, Senior HR Director, Sony Inter-American

Most beneficial workshop that raises self and others’ awareness. Great instruction methods enabled quick application at work. Thanks zillions!

Pansy Yeo, Learning & Development Partner, Alexandra Hospital

The Caliper Profile is a good tool in knowing one-self. I was indeed surprised when I found out about the results. It was near accurate about my personality and the Caliper had gained that info just through the answers I provided during the survey/test. Good material.

Jayleen Labilles, Deputy Senior Finance Officer, Sony Philippines

The Caliper Profile a good tool to help me understand my preferences and style. Will use it to be more effective in my work.

Ng Han Peng, Commercial Vice President, Hoya Corporation